Structure of a Dissertation

Structure of a Dissertation

A dissertation is a long academic essay written by students to evaluate their academic and professional skills. Like other essay papers, it must be well structured, have logical transitions, include a hook, and a thesis statement.

As a writer, you will have to vary the structure and format of your dissertation. Each paper comes with its own structure and format, with each section applying to the entire paper. 

The introduction

This is a short paragraph which introduces the reader to your paper and forms the first impression on them. It should hook them from the start. An introduction is made to pique the interest of the reader, which is why you must be confident about yourself. Remember that this paragraph needs to be brief to avoid confusing the reader. A scholar must format it in a manner that attracts their attention.

Literature review

Here, a scholar gives a full overview of the research that has already been done on their topic. It is important to include references to all the sources you will cite in your paper. This section does not need to be more than three lines long. Once the literature review is completed, then you can start creating your dissertation. 

The dissertation abstract

Here, you give a summary of the entire dissertation, stating each point briefly. Keep in mind that you should write this section first as it forms the basis of your paper.

Writing your dissertation

You now have all the pieces together in your paper. The great thing about the dissertation is that it provides guidelines on how to structure the paper. Therefore, when you get stuck writing your dissertation, the recommended steps should guide you on the best approach to achieve success.

Several methods of structuring a dissertation are provided in the section that applies to all dissertations: 

  1. The title page- this section clearly states your research proposal, the study question and the purpose of the project. When writing the title page, ensure that you use the title of the research paper, which is what you are presenting. Don’t say anything fancy such as the names of other authors or the school or the date the dissertation was submitted.
  2. The abstract- this is a short essay writing that gives a brief description of your paper. It helps the reader to know what to expect from your dissertation without having to read the entire dissertation.
  3. The introduction
  4. The literature review- this section is where you present your research, including all the citations made in your paper. The literature review highlights all the sources you use in your paper. You can decide to focus on ones that fit into your topic.
  5. The methodology
  6. Research findings
  7. Discussion

The dissertation writing process is time-consuming and requires a considerable amount of time and energy. If you are trying to handle your dissertation as a full time job, you must be dedicated to doing these steps. Therefore, do not skip any step that will be required to present a brilliant dissertation. You should avoid procrastinating the writing process as it will make writing even more challenging. 

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