The Importance of Drafting Dissertation Research Proposals

Why Students Must Write Dissertation Research Proposals

Drafting a dissertation is one of the most arduous assignments that students write in college. There are many reasons why this is so. First, a dissertation is a long paper that needs lots of research. It therefore requires that the students have excellent writing skills, and even mathematical skills, to come up with quality pieces. This means that these students need a college environment that will enable them to study and work together. Also, because this paper is a university paper that determines the course of a student’s university life, the students need to be exposed to a lot of learning by other students in the subject of their study. Thus, without proper study and an excellent research project, the students are never likely to get it right.

Here are a few reasons why students are always expected to draft research proposal papers before they write the dissertation itself.

To Find Diverse Research Materials

The proposal part of a dissertation offers a chance for a student to introduce themselves to the reader. By introducing themselves to the reader, the student demonstrates that they are passionate about the subject of the research and can communicate this passion in an accurate and coherent manner. Therefore, if you do not plan well to have a research project which makes an emotional impact on the readers, you will never get it right.

To Experience a Limited Range of Research Methods

There are lots of ways you can use to collect data on your research project. Of course, you can obtain data from the lab, take surveys, and sometimes even develop innovative practical techniques, but the subject of the research cannot always be limited to these methods. Furthermore, the methods you can use while collecting data will be empirical. It means that you will take as many samples as possible for your research to be realistic.

To Check on the Research Capabilities of Your Subject

It is best to have a good understanding of your study area before you get to begin doing any research on your project. Without this kind of understanding, the students will find it hard to prepare for the project, therefore fail to give a top-notch research project. Therefore, they will often come up with substandard research documents and be forced to redo the entire research because they had insufficient preparation time.

To Get the Right Research Material

Most students fail to complete the dissertation or do it poorly because they do not collect the right materials. The basic materials a student should collect for their project are:

  • A research questionnaire.
  • A research diary.
  • An outline of the research project.
  • An outline of the main structure of your paper.

All these must be meticulously collected for them to be of significant use to the student and other stakeholders in the study field. Unfortunately, most students today fail to have these things properly collected and sometimes even admit this. This is because some are so focused on their studies that they neglect other activities in the university such as social activities, sports, or other extracurricular activities that are important to the students.

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